French Feminist Olympe De Gouges Sermonized

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Amidst the French Revolution, French feminist Olympe de Gouges sermonized to women: “Oh women! Women, when will you cease to be blind? What advantages have you gathered in the Revolution? A scorn more marked, a disdain more conspicuous. During the centuries of corruption you only reigned over the weakness of men. Your empire is destroyed; what is left to you then? Firm belief in the injustices of men. . . . Whatever the barriers set up against you, it is in your power to overcome them; you only have to want it.” (de Gouges). As the battle for equality of men spread throughout France with the Declaration of Rights of Men drafted, people were coming to the realization that the majority of men did not want to extend the rights they fought for in the French Revolution to the people they fought alongside with, women. Despite the efforts of women and a minority of men, the feminist fight was not strong enough due to French conservatism, lack of supporters, and radical behavior exemplified by women. The French Revolution was a period of social and political upheaval in France that lasted from 1789 until 1799, carried forward by Frenchmen and women seeking their rights that had been neglected by their monarch. Men all over France assembled together and ignited their own war against the king through their written projects and revolts. While the men partook in the revolts, women were relied upon to uphold their job and maintain the household. More specifically, women customarily

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