French Film 'Entre Les Murs' - Theoretical Analysis

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Entre les murs[1], Theoretical Analysis Entre les murs presents a new cinematographic style that pushes away borders of reality… to build it. Entre les murs can be seen as reflexive and realist. It illuminates the true-life realities of the social conjuncture-the school and educational system. This fiction brings the everyday assumption about nature of space and time as well as social and cultural relationship within the world of education. Unlike the poststructuralist theory that assumes we do not have direct access to the real, Entre les murs is a constructed work that pictures a social reality. As Robert Stam mentioned once[2], the challenge is to avoid naïve realistic view where all texts are seen as nothing more than a play of…show more content…
The classroom is a familiar situation to our experience, allowing ourselves to completely immerge into the story. There is no need for us to operate under the process of identification-as we do with most fictions. Instead, we enter into the movie and do not give space for the film itself. The actors express themselves maintaining the balance that co-exists between writing and improvisation, between free figures and imposed ones. Like a play, Entre les
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