French Indian War Essay

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The French and Indian War

The French and Indian war raged from 1754 to 1763. Its roots began long before the first shot was fired, about 100 years before between the French and the English. The French and Indian War was not fought between the French and the Indians, but the two allied with the Canadians against the English. It was the catalyst for the Seven Years War, from 1756-1763, which was brought over into Europe, the Carnatic Wars, and it eventually lead to the American Revolution.

By the late 1600’s to the beginning of the 1700’s, the colonization of the America’s by the English had been reaping great rewards. The English controlled much of the eastern seaboard, and were highly interested into further
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This was soon to be an act of war since England and France were at peace. The French tricked Major Washington into signing a letter written in French, which stated that Major Washington assassinated the 10 Frenchmen and attacked the rest.

The always present Indian problem added to England’s decision to send two regiments of troops to protect the colonizers. When the French heard word of this they too sent several regiments of troops to protect the frontiersmen and settlers in their territory in New France. Peace talks in England soon began between the French. The commander of France’s troops was Baron de Dieskau who was under orders to defend New France and not to instigate any attack. The English sent General Braddock with a larger force than Major Washington to make war with the French on the frontier. The French being well aware of their surroundings, made good use of it while ambushing the English as they marched in columns toward the French to attack Fort Duqesne. The French certainly got the upper hand in this attack, killing many of the English soldiers and causing the to retreat. The English never faught in a gorilla warfare manner, but in columns and rows often facing musket and cannon fire. While the French sent troops over to the Americas, the English had 11 war ships waiting for the French to arrive. Not knowing if the French and the English were at war or not, the French pulled along side of the English Dunkirk and asked. The English Dunkirk

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