French Polynesia Essay

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This idyllic but realistic scenario can happen to each of you who wish to go abroad on a break. Don't you think? Well, today I will talk about this possible destination which is Tahiti the main island in French Polynesia, its friendly population, and what a tourist can do to enjoy his trip there.


I/ First, let see where Tahiti and her islands are located compared to the rest of the world.

Tahiti and her islands are officially known as French Polynesia. (Which island in Tahiti?). They are located in the middle of an imaginary triangle which starts with Hawaii in the north, New Zealand in the west and finally, Easter Island in the east. (It is actually 5 and ½ hours from Hawaii to Tahiti on a plane going south). These
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<li value="1">- High islands are mainly found in the Society Islands, the Marquesas and the Australs. They are essentially mountains rising above the surface of the ocean, often surrounded by a coral ring that forms a barrier reef. Between the barrier reef and the island proper is the lagoon, a sort of shallow buffer zone with a gentle aquatic environment where the calm turquoise waters contrast with the darker blue of the ocean.
<li value="2">- An Atoll is a circular coral reef, or string of coral islands, emerging above the surface of the water and surrounding a lagoon. Atolls are particularly common in the Tuamotus, where they vary from 75 km in length to just 4 km across. The strips of land formed around the reef, made of coral debris and calcareous substances, can reach a height of 6m, and are usually covered in bushes and coconut trees. The lagoon is often shallow, rarely exceeding 40m in depth.

(Now that we know where French Polynesia and Tahiti are, we need to take look at its population to understand how friendly they are).

II/ Second, the composition of the population come from different backgrounds.

The population of French Polynesia is estimated to be about 239,500 and is characterized by its youth - half the population is under 25 of age - and its uneven geographic distribution. The Society islands are home to more than 86% of the total population,
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