French Revolution Changes

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France went through many changes during the times from the 19th century leading into the early 20th century. Most notable amongst the start of the changes which laid the groundwork towards social, political, and economic change in France would be the French revolution which ended in 1814. The French revolution destroyed the social discriminative class system in France and declared equality for all. The revolution came up with the equality and career open to talents, i.e., appointment and promotion was to base on talents and ability. This led to rise of middle class who had acquired education to positions of responsibilities. This inevitably led to the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte to power without which he would have died a common man. It destroyed the congregative class system and opened opportunity to talent peasants like Napoleon ("EFFECTS OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION ON FRANCE", 2016). All the army generals were swept away during the reign of terror giving chance to Napoleon to rise to power in France. The fret revolution led to the declaration of rights of man and citizens. The constitutional assembly / parliament came out with the document of human rights. It granted political liberty, like freedom of speech, press, association, worship and ownership of property. Although they were abused…show more content…
At once France had an impressive industrial foot print, but feel behind due to the extensive loss of population during the French Revolution. After the French revolution societal changes happened in which a person did not have to work within his/her class therefore a peasant would not have to remain a peasant. Although the France was able to get Industry up enough to sustain itself I feel the development in the banking and financial institutes is responsible for the success of the French during this time
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