French Revolution Essay

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Why was there a French Revolution?
Between, 1789 ¡V 1799, many events occurred in France that caused an outbreak within the people thus leading to a revolution. This culminated in the France becoming a democratic government. This essay will argue that the resentment of absolute government, financial difficulties, the famine, rise of philosophes and the ongoing feud between the estates are all the major causes of why there was a revolution in France.

Firstly before going into the topic, the word ¡§revolution¡¨ must be defined. ¡§A revolution is a relatively sudden and absolutely huge change. This may be a change in the social or political institutions over a relatively short period of time, or a major change in its culture or economy .¡¨
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If the king was interested in the opinions of the people, all he had to do go to the Estates General and ask for their vote on any issue he put forth. The last time the Estates General had been in meeting was in 1614, therefore it is evident that by the late 1700s, that the king was no longer interested in the influence of the French people . This sort of ignorance to the people was a major factor in why there was a revolution in France

The famine killed many people during the late 18th century and was caused by the other underlining factors such as financial trouble and arguments between the estates. Different crop failures in the 1780s caused these shortages, which of course led to high prices for bread and other food substances. With the prices going up people grew angry with the government and waged for a revolution . There were poor conditions in the countryside which made residents to move into Paris, and the city was overcrowded and filled with the hungry and disaffected people who desperately needed more food to live. The peasants, who were the worst of the lot, suffered from the economic and agricultural problems . With all this added up, there was no other way to fix these problems but to have a revolution

Another cause of the French Revolution was in the financial difficulties of the government. King Louis XV and King Louis XVI both led extremely
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