French Revolution Power Analysis

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Power has been around since the very first living organism roamed the Earth. Even though power has been around so long, it has not always been thought of the same way. From the first organism taking charge over the others to today’s presidential elections, power has always been there. In Lord of the Flies, there is power in trust; however in Antigone, the power is actually in themselves. The French Revolution was all about who the citizens of France were able to trust. Their king was very untrustworthy so the 3rd Estate had rebelled against him in what became known as the French Revolution. Before that there was the Enlightenment, from 1685-1815 many people called Enlightenment Thinkers had shared their ideas on power. This means that power shows itself in many forms, the people should possess it, power can be brought upon by blood, it can be taken, or it can be earned.
Power can be defined as the ability to have control and trust over someone or something else. The French Revolution was an attempt to overpower and abolish their monarchy as well as create
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In most these cases the power was either taken, earned it or they have royal blood. In the French Revolution, all three of these had happened. King Louis XVI was born into his crown, but then had it taken from him by the 3rd Estate, then soon after the Revolution Napoleon Bonaparte had earned his power by helping France win a battle. These happened in Lord of the Flies when Ralph earned his power only to have it taken away by Jack later in the novel. In Antigone. Creon was of the royal blood, but did not deserve his position of power. Creon thought that since he was indeed of royal blood, he could not be disobeyed. This all goes back to trust and control, people like King Louis XVI and Creon could not be trusted with the amount of control they had over their citizens. To be in power, one must be trusted with their control over that someone or something
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