French Stereotypes Essay

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French people enjoying eating cheese, bread, and drinking wine. The typical French person loves wearing berets and striped shirts. Those are just a few of the many stereotypes of the French people. Stereotypes usually are made from people on the outside looking in. “Foreigners who don’t know much about the French fall back on stereotypes and pass them on to their children in the nursery. Such as: The French are quarrelsome eggheads who are obsessed with sex and don’t tell the truth.” (Platt, p.13). In keeping with Ferber, some Americans who visit France don’t know a lot about their culture, therefore they depend on stereotypes to help them comprehend the new French environment (Ferber, p.3). There’re many stereotypes about their clothing,…show more content…
The first common stereotypes about their women are they are extremely fashionable. “‘Foreigners who tend to visit the most fashionable parts of cities like Paris come back with the impression that all French women are elegant, whereas this is not necessarily the case,’ Eatwell said.” (Heller, 2017, p.1). French women, like most women, do take their fashion seriously. Another stereotype about French women is French women don’t shave. Many French people disagree with this stereotype because French women are usually nicely clean. “I found that the French women not only have wonderful style, but are always impeccably groomed…” (Carr p.1). Finally, a lot of people from other countries believe French women never get fat. There are women in France that are obese, but they aren’t as common in other countries (Carr. p,1). “‘Foreigners tend to visit places like Paris — and hang out in the most upscale and fashionable parts of the city — and therefore come back with the impression that all French women are slim,’” (Heller, 2017, p.1). Stereotypes about the French and the foods they eat are very common. People from other countries usually talk about how the French eat the most disgusting foods. It’s known that French eat snails and frogs. According to Houy, “These restaurants are touristic restaurants and try to fit the idea of French food that foreigners have. Yet, these are things French people rarely eat.” (Houy, 2017, p.1). Another food that French
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