French Tales By Charles Perrault: Article Analysis

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The Final RA paper was the result of the revisions from CR exercises to RA drafts.
I learned how organization is key when conveying the message across. Before, I attempted to use the block method where I was just comparing the two tales by blocking each tale in their own paragraph. However, I didn’t realize until after receiving feedback from my instructor that there are more than one way to organize my paper. When he suggested the use of using the point-by-point organization and exemplified how I can focus on gender more rather than the tale and go into specifics with points, it significantly impacted how my message is conveyed. Not only was the contrast between genders was emphasized but it strengthen my claims as a whole. I was able to list out all the differences between men and women such as independence …show more content…

It allowed me to address evidence and analysis from each tale without interrupting my main message. Also, I learned how including secondary sources can also back up my argument; in this case, I used Robert Darnton as my secondary source. While reading Darnton’s critical essay on the historical background on tales and how it affected the author’s writing style, I found out that the brutality that is shown in French tales of the 18th century. That was when I realized that Charles Perrault used the same concept that Darnton addressed in his critic. Charles Perrault included elements of brutality through graphic imagery such as finger-cutting and incest in “Donkeyskin” in order to convey how much women struggled through during that time period. This became another piece of evidence from a highly noted scholar, which helps make my argument more legitimate as his views are used to back up my thesis. I was also given the same criticism that I noted before in my introduction about generality. According to my instructor, some terminology that I used such as “universal double standard in

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