French and Indian War Essay

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The Seven Years War, or sometimes referred to as the French and Indian war, took place in the year 1754 and finally came to a conclusion in 1763, just prior to the American Revolution. The French and Indian war is often a war that’s importance is overlooked throughout the history of America. The French and Indian war set the stage for the George Washington to become the most important American figure in history. The events and battles of the Seven Years War would lead the colonist to helping the British defeat the French and their counterparts, the Native Americans. What took place during the Seven Years War would affect the colonist forever. The war would ultimately change the focus and mindset of the colonist. The colonist would begin to …show more content…
After this time of discovery of the North American land, the French often build forts and other establishments along rivers and bodies of water. These strategic sites were often used to protect their commercial interest, and often the structures built were forts. “Both sides fortified positions along the Hudson River, Lake George, and Lake Champlain.” (Starbuck, 2007). The forts built by the French during this time in history include, “Fort Beaubassin in Acadia and Crown Point on Lake Champlain, Forts also erected on the Quabache, Ohio, Mississippi and Missouri River” (Schwartz, 3). After the establishment of the French in North America, this leads the British to want to develop the land and want to protect their very own interest in North America. To protect their interest the British build forts throughout the North American territory to compete with the French. “In 1749, captain Pierre-Joseph Celeron de Plainville set out from Montreal and proceeded to the shores of the Allegheny and Ohio River demanding that the British traders lower their flags from their trading post and retreat to the eastern slopes of the Appalachians” (Schwartz,6). This would lead to even more issues as a year continued. When the burden was far too great to overcome the two sides met in Paris. This lead to nowhere and the stressful relationship over control of Northern America agin grew even greater. On July 1,

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