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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Fresh Connections is a fresh food manufacturer that provides meal solutions products to retailers, restaurants and co-pack companies. After a successful stint of one year, Fresh Connections is suffering from variety of short term, operational and strategic issues. In the immediate future, cash liquidity of the company is a problem and it is recommended that take the deal with the co-op client to alleviate their financial situation. Moreover, they are in the position of high financial risk pertaining to their R&D costs and it is recommended they refine their contract policies with clients. Furthermore, Fresh Connections is suffering from a number of operational issues and it is recommended that they improve their…show more content…
| Threats * Seasonal Fluctuations and Highly Uncertain in Demand * Razor-Thin Margin With Majority of Clients * Stagnant Growth in the Meat Market and Retail Channel Segment | * Fresh Connections Recipe Database with accurate data on life span of all their products can provide them a leading edge in this industry filled with uncertainty where perishable inventory is such a large concern | * Having very little financial resources can leave Fresh Connections susceptible to the business uncertainties of this industry * Currently highly dependent on a stagnating market segment as Retail make up half their sales | SHORT-TERM ISSUES Problem: Currents assets cannot cover currents liabilities * Current assets: $925,011 * Current
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