Fresh Off The Boat : A Soy Sorry Joke?

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Fresh Off the Boat: A Soy Sorry Joke?
“The only way they could even mention some of the stories in the book was by building a Trojan horse and feeding the pathogenic stereotypes that still define us to a lot of American cyclope.” – Eddie Huang Fresh Off the Boat is a controversial ABC sitcom that premiered on February 4, 2015. It is based on a memoir of Eddie Huang’s Fresh Off the Boat. It has caught many media attention, as it is the first American television to star an Asian-American family in 20 years. The comedy series is about the immigrant lives of Eddie, his parents, and his two younger brothers. Eddie and his family immigrated to America so that Eddie’s father, Louis, can pursue the American dream. Louis opens a western-restaurant called, Cattleman’s Ranch Steakhouse and embraces all things American. Eddie’s mother, Jessica is a Tiger Mom who is extremely strict and cheap. She is skeptical about everything in America and believes in tough love. Eddie is a misunderstood 11-year old who is struggling to fit in with his peers and is in love with hip-hop. His two younger brothers, Emery and Evan are the stereotypical Asian, goody-good, over-achievers. These Chinese immigrants are quickly experiencing the culture clash as they move into their new lives in a suburban area.
This artifact represents the Asian-American group in dramatic ways by overly emphasizing the Asian stereotypes to appeal to inclusive audiences. Eddie Huang states in a New York Magazine, “this show…

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