Fresh Supermarket Chain That Operates Multiple Stores Essay

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In 2023, Fresh Grocers a supermarket chain that operates multiple stores in New Jersey, in the Greater Philadelphia region of Pennsylvania, and Delaware has decided to offer me the position of Regional Manager for all their Philadelphia locations. The Regional Manager role entails that the individual reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer. The essential job responsibilities and accountabilities consist of drive sales, profitability and gross margin growth for the supermarket chain. Other leadership duties require managing the business by effectively using sales reports, assessing departmental results, and developing specific actions directly related to business development and growth consistently across all their stores through physical and verbal interaction and communication. In addition, the leadership role requires its Regional Manager to empower Fresh Grocer’s employees as Zhang and Zhou (2014) states “… by giving an employee the autonomy and freedom to carry out his or her job in the way that the employee deems to be the best way to achieve the company 's goals and objective, or by getting an employee involved in decision-making processes”(Zhang and Zhou, 2014, pg. 124). Finally, the position as Regional Manager for Fresh Grocers requires its leader motivate other employees in order to promote productivity and ensure job satisfaction. others to learn new techniques that allow them to grow not only professionally, but also

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