Freshman Prom Research Paper

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Freshman prom

Prom 2K16, the scariest night of my life. Me and my boyfriend Colin started dating december of my freshman year his junior year. We met through mutual friends, I fell for him the moment I saw him. It's crazy to think how far we have come but that a story for another time.
When prom season began to emerge so did the question on would I Lina Belfiore be going to prom as a freshman in highschool. This will become the biggest stress of my year, I'm dramatic so it felt like the most stressful thing in my life.
There was a million reasons not to go but a million reasons to go I was going crazy he wanted to go but me not so much. I want to the extent of telling him to take another girl. This was no option he wanted and I wasn't gonna
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By this point I was having an amazing night now it's time for the dance the scary part.
The place was a nightmare to park up but we finally gave up and parked at my stepdad's law firm the place was so pretty but the music was awful the Senate matter to me and Collin we danced anyway finally an hour and they play the slow song this is when we slow dance for the first time we stayed till the end and then left to go change
Next was after prom this was fun for a few hours but then we all just annoyed we had to stay till five in the morning. After prom has so many fun things to do and the best food. Turpin always has the big snake that everyone takes pictures with. I personally hate snakes so my snake pictures are a site to see. Me and Colin snuck out early because we wanted to leave. When we left we were both so tired, he drove me home kiss me goodnight and I realize prom was one of the best nights of my life I'm so happy I didn't listen to other people's opinions because of this night would've never
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