Freshman's Parenting Style

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Barnes, Brown, McDermott, Bryant, and Kromrey are all the authors of an article titled, “Perceived Parenting Style and the Eating Practices of College Freshmen” found in the American Journal of Health Education dated in 2012. The article relates to a health education program designed to address health related issues to assist with educating and promoting health and the prevention of disease and/or deaths. This essay will explain the setting where the program was conducted. It will outline the problem the program was designed to deal with; the changes that were needed and the needs. It will describe the elements of the education program, what specific activities were planned and how the health educator work with people in organizing the…show more content…
The scope of community, which is to identify, diagnose and investigate problems and health hazards in the community. The purpose of the program to investigate the problems associated with poor eating habits amongst adolescences and college freshmen's and their perceptions of parenting style. The targeted population was defined and consisted of two- hundred sixty-four freshmen college students were sampled ages 18 and 20 years from a large southeastern university. The goals of the program was goals research the connection between adolescences and college freshmen's eating practices and their perceptions of parenting style and objectives as the cause of morbidity in adolescents and college students and an antecedent of premature mortality in adulthood. The type of data needed was qualitative data or information used to uncover trends in thought and opinions, and dive deeper into the problem.
As a result, the program demonstrated that parenting styles does not have an effect on eating habits; although parental influence is valuable, reinforcement at an individual level is warranted in the effort to decrease poor eating practices and morbidity in adolescents and college students. Things such as skill enhancement with regard to meal preparation, role modeling among peers, the establishment of healthier food providers like famer’s markets and the access to healthier food choices are
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