Freshness is Greatness

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It sounds like we’re doing a toothpaste commercial. It’s hard to believe we’re actually trying to sell soda. But the boss seems to like it and ask me and you don’t build a 200 million dollar empire by selling cheap so he should know. Maybe it’s me; maybe I’m the fool who can’t see the greatness in freshness! Fuck it anyway, where the hell am I? Who could have thought Stanley Park was this big. There’s a kid over there, maybe I could ask him about the way out. He looks a bit suspicious though. He’s wearing a hoodie and those baggy jeans kids like to wear these days, he’s probably black too. As I approached him he turned around and I could see that he was. “Excuse me; do you know the closest way out the park?”
He looked at me like some fucking goldfish and said “10 bucks”
“10 bucks” the idiot repeated as if he could say nothing else.
“I don’t want the guided tour; just point me in right direction.”
Surprisingly the idiot could point. “Thank you” I said as I nodded politely. As I began walking the idiot stepped aside to block my way.
“You owe me 10 bucks.” he said.
“I’m not gonna pay you 10 dollars for pointing a finger, okay?”
The idiot kept blocking my way and said “Then you better leave me your wallet”
The boy was barely half my size and his pathetic robbery stopped being amusing as he continued. As I stepped to one side he followed and then to the next, it quickly became frustrating. “Are we dancing here…
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