Fresno - A City Addicted to Meth

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Fresno - The City Addicted to Crystal Meth
A reaction paper to Louis Theroux 's Documentary
Vincent Belmont
Westchester Community College

This paper was prepared for: General Psychology, instructed by Dr. Anthony Yankowski

The documentary Fresno - A City Addicted to Crystal Meth, by Louis Theroux addresses the epidemic of crystal methamphetamine addiction that is overwhelming the streets of this low socioeconomic city in California. The diversity Theroux finds in each of his encounters is both fascinating and startling: from a mother who wants nothing more than to get her children back, but can 't seem to break the cycle of using to escape her past mistakes, to siblings that are so deep into
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One of the most impactful segments of the documentary for me was when you meet Carl and Diane, two "happily" married individuals of over 20 years both currently abusing crystal methamphetamine. Up unto this point in the video, you have only seen individuals who live in very dilapidated homes, who seem to fit the stereotypical idea of what life would be like for people dependent on psychoactive drugs. However, Carl and Diane seem to be different: they live in a very clean, organized, and quaint home. They both claim to love their lives, and Carl even goes as far as saying with confidence that he sees nothing wrong with his 30 year old habit. As Theroux interviews the couple, you realize there is more to the story. Diane doesn 't express the same content attitude over her drug use as her husband. We learn that her abuse has actually led her to lose all 5 of her children and pursue prostitution for money. This is where we see the fog being lifted on their supposedly happy marriage; the couple uses each other as a crutch to continue their drug abuse. Diane says she doesn 't want to force her desire to be sober upon Carl, and Carl says he would stop tomorrow if Diane truly wanted to, but believes she doesn 't. It becomes more and more apparent how toxic this relationship really is, and how the foundation of it is most likely built upon the drug. If Diane and Carl were to clean up their act, would their
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