Fresno Pacific University Research Paper

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Knowing that I have been in 3 other Universities, I now understand why I am attending college. I have been lost in my last 3 schools, but I know what I want to obtain from university. It was a very difficult road, but I have gained a lot of experience from this. Because we all know that college is not for every one. It is in my gene to move forward to get a degree from my parents to my siblings to have gotten their degrees and also gone through medical school. But knowing my place, and understanding what I want through my criminal justice degree has now pushed me to my goal, and hopefully push me on the field to a new level that I have never experienced.

What I wish to obtain from this university is gain the experience and expertise through
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I feel as if my current university has no pushed me on the field enough tactically and mentally. I feel as if Jamie Ramirez will do this for me. I want to feel proud playing for a program that respects it's athletes. Because being an college athlete is one of that hardest things to do. Fresno Pacific University I feel will be that mental challenge I need to get to my full potential in life. This is why I also feel that Fresno Pacific will be a good University for me because I will be able to showcase my…show more content…
From being a Florida boy I am excited to experience the life that California will give me. If Fresno Pacific University will give me that opportunity to have. Knowing that this university will give me the taste of a great criminal justice program, and will give me the test on the field will be an great way to finish my last couple of years on and off the field. Also knowing that possibly that I may stay in Fresno, California to work, and showing others that Fresno Pacific University is a school that they should not pass up on. I am looking forward to being able to say that I am a sunbird on and off the
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