Essay about Freud Suggest Religion is an Illusion

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Freud in his writing suggests that religion is an “illusion.” Not your typical deception of something, rather misapprehension of religion. Additionally, Freud provides brand new eyes to look at religion and its construct of civilization. He further provides evidence of his own, as well as suggesting a psychoanalytical approach to religion. Countless times Freud referred to his own psychological ideas of development including the transition of a child to an adult development. Freud heeds, a successful transition of developing from a child to a functioning adult in “reality” is necessary otherwise it leads to anxiety. This level of anxiety stems from “instinctual prohibitions” shaping into a state repression, caused by religion. Freud…show more content…
For example, he highlights God, power, nature, good versus evil, hell versus heaven, fate and so on. He also explains that “Life in this world serves a higher purpose; no doubt it is not easy to guess what that purpose is, but it certainly signifies a perfecting of man's nature. It is probably the spiritual part of man, the soul…which is the object of this elevation and exaltation” (Freud, 1972, p. 18). Ideas such as soul and body are inclusive to nature and the universe, instead of human society. On the other hand, Freud is more concerned with instilling the idea that infancy and childhood is a key role in development, he states, “by the time the child's intellect awakens, the doctrines of religion have already become unassailable,” suggesting that religion is a force that shapes civilization in which people function, as well as form our judgment of human civilization. Hence, the importance of developing successfully as opposed to failing to function in society, whether they are religious or not. Instead, he dubs man as “a creature of weak intelligence who is ruled by his instinctual wishes.” In respect to Freud’s ideas and suggestions, it is hard to ignore
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