Freud and Dora Essay

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Sigmund Freud's work as a psychologist brought him to an almost unparalleled fame in the psychoanalytic world. Freud can be seen as the predecessor of modern psychology. His views on the unconscious mind were groundbreaking to the 19th century world. He became interested in women's psychoanalysis and the fact that their sexual drive could cause them to become hysterical. During this time the world had believed that humans had control over both the knowledge they retained about themselves and their environment. This was when Freud came up with the idea of the unconscious mind. Through this theory, Freud suggested that individuals do not even know what they are thinking most of the time. In the case of Dora, Freud would conclude that …show more content…
It is possible that Dora did have sexual desires for the people around her, but Freud fails to account for a number of other factors that would undoubtedly have negative effects on a young girl. It is possible these other influences were as much or more the cause of her hysteria than her sexual feelings, but they were not taken into account by Freud.

This use of unacceptable evidence is one reason that Freud cannot be considered a scientist. He also uses the fact that Dora displaces her affection for Herr K. onto his children by acting as a mother-figure toward them. Again, Freud assumes that this affection toward the children is a way of displacing Dora's sexual desire for their father. Freud does not seem to take into account that it is possible that she has a love for children, and it has nothing to do with any sexual adoration that she has for Herr K. Freud fails to consider an alternative explanation for Dora's hysteria aside from reasons that would benefit him and his earlier theory on hysteria stemming from sexual aspirations.

In Freud's analysis of Dora's dream there are a number of crucial factors affecting her psyche he fails to account for. Dora's father is more concerned with his relationship with Frau K. than he is with the relationship he has with his own daughter. He essentially trades Dora off to Herr K. in order to ensure that his relationship with Frau K.
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