Freud 's Theory Of Psychology

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In psychology, a person’s personality is how the person feels, thinks, and behaves. Psychoanalysis was a theory Sigmund Freud discovered. It was his theory for treating psychological disorders and he did this by using a person’s unconscious mind. He suggested that there was three different stages of awareness in a person’s conscious mind. Level one is consciousness is anytime we’re alert. When we are conscious we are aware of our emotions, sensations, thoughts, and perception. Level two is preconscious contains all the memories, feelings, experiences and perceptions that we are not thinking about at that moment but can easily be brought to consciousness. Level three which is the most important level is the unconscious. Freud believed that…show more content…
The ego is the logical, rational, and realistic part of the personality. The ego evolves from the id and draws its energy from the id. One of the egos functions is to satisfy the ids urges. The ego is mostly conscious and acts according to the reality principle. When a child is around five or six years old, the superego is formed. Superego has two parts, the conscience consists of all the behaviors for which the child has been punished and about which he or she feels guilty. And the ego ideal comprises the behaviors for which the child had been praised and rewarded and about which he or she feels pride and satisfaction. Freud asserted that the sexual instinct is present at birth and develops through a series of psychosexual stages, providing the driving force for all feelings and behaviors. The stages are the oral stage, anal stage, phallic stage, and genital stage. One of the most controversial features of Freud’s stage theory is the Oedipus complex, this is a conflict that arises during the phallic stage in which a child is sexually attracted to the opposite sex parent and feels hostility towards the same sex parent. Freud is credited with calling attention to the unconscious and the role of defense mechanisms. Scientists have discovered what exactly self-esteem is and why is it so important. The sense of self-esteem is influences by comparisons of one’s real self to ones desired self. Most people’s self-esteem is based
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