Freud vs. Erickson on Human Development

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Freud vs. Erikson Erik Erikson and Sigmund Freud are well known within the field of psychology for their theories on human development. These two men acted both as scholars and psychoanalysts. Erikson was a psychologist and Freud a psychiatrist. Erik Erikson studied and taught Freudian theory in Vienna, where Freud once studied at the University and practiced as a psychiatrist. Erikson believed that Freud’s developmental stages had discrepancies. Freud believed that “our personality is shaped by the age of five” (Sharkey, 1997, para. 2). Erikson felt that our personalities are built and changed over the course of a lifetime. Both Erikson and Freud are amazing theorists and well respected by other theorists in the field of psychology. The frameworks of Freud’s Psychosexual Stages are broken down by age and consist of five stages. Along with the Psychosexual Stages, Freud developed a theory outlining personality development consisting of three components. Freud’s believed that a child experiences these Psychosexual Stages and if each stage is not completed a child will struggle with the stages that follow. Freud felt that human beings either have a mental disorder or was mentally healthy/normal. I have chosen Freud’s theories and viewpoints to be most interesting because I have a difficult time agreeing and find challenge in his works, that a child’s developmental psychology can be so black and white. Erikson’s framework of Psychosocial Stages differs from Freud’s because he
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