Freudian Theory And Horney 's Theory

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Freudian Theory and Horney’s Theory: A Comparison Paper
Amy Simms
Yorkville University

This comparison paper aims to highlight the main aspects of Freud and Horney’s theories of psychoanalysis, and begins to unravel some of the possible similarities, and many of the contrasts between the two . Beginning with Freud, the grandfather of psychoanalysis, and comparing his set of ideals with that of a woman who came shortly after him, Karen Horney with not only a new set of views on psychoanalysis but a fresh new look on gender in society, much due to the culture and time periods affect on each theorists work. Through the comparison of theories and views, the reader will be able to see the similarities in theories
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Throughout the course of this paper, the comparison of Freud and Horney will show that while Freud began forging the path of psychoanalysis, it was people like Horney who were able to challenge many of his outdated views and improve upon them, such as challenging the concept that our personalities are created by age 5, but instead personalities are fluid and grow with the person long after childhood. (CITE THIS) In the end Honey shows human nature in a more positive and hopeful light, rather than many of the despairing views of Freudian theory.
Starting at the beginning is taking a step back into Vienna in the 1850’s, when Freud’s theories began formation as his childhood experiences began to take place (Schultz & Schultz 2017). Freud began his work in the field of psychoanalysis and specifically the conscious and unconscious mind, and neuroses through studying under such greats as Charcot and Bernheim (Boeree, C., 2006).
Freud started to think about conscious, preconscious and unconscious mind deeply, and thought that conscious mind was a small portion of our whole mind, which he believed to be unconscious thought that drives our instincts.

Begins to name those id ego and superego.
Wishes and drives can break into consciousness from unconsciousness when they become too big, like overpowering thirst.
Ego is consciousness to satisfy the id
Superego is completed by the age of 7 and is
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