Freud’s Theory of Psychosexual Development Applied to "Finding Nemo"

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Personality is broad and intense subjects that people either understand or do not get it at all. Many people that study psychology also study different people and their own personal views on that person’s analysis. The views range from the founder or real first known one to study this subject Freud, to people that took his views and went in a different direction. Some of the more relevant psychologist is Skinner and Rotter who have taken personal psychology to greater depths and studies. All the people that study the personality of psychology have taken one another’s views and either agreed with them and added to it, or didn’t agree at all and made changes to make their own analysis, and everything between. As for Sigmund Freud he is the …show more content…
Well in rebellion towards his dad he take off over the deep part of the ocean to touch a boat, while his dad is yelling at him to come back. Nemo however, at the point of rebellion is going to do what he wants and show everyone that he can venture out and touch that boat and make it back safely. Well just as he touches it, a scuba diver scoops him up and takes him away to a dentist office where he is put in an aquarium and meets new friends. However, he is very scared in the beginning because he is in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people and he knows then he should have listened to his dad. Mean while you have Marlin the over protective dad who doesn’t want Nemo to do anything out of his sight, because of his fin he believes is a disability to him. So one day before heading to school Nemo decides to go out the back door and look out into the deep water which his dad would disapprove from. So he swims his little self out there and just before being attacked by a larger fish his dad saves him, and then scolds him for breaking the rules he has in place. So as they head to school Marlin lets Nemo know that he isn’t very happy with him and to never do anything without him there, and when they get to school his dad doesn’t want him to go without him so he as they leave he sneaks along to make sure that he can keep his eyes on his son. When they got to where they were going Nemo and some of his
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