Friar Laurence's Responsible For The Death Of Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet is a play written by William Shakespeare, about two Star Cross lovers that fall in love throughout the play. This play is about Romeo and Juliet falling in love, and would do anything to be together, even though Romeo was a Montague and Juliet was a Capulet. One thing that they had to do was try to keep their love secret, but towards the end of the play, both Romeo and Juliet risk there live and die for each other. There were many characters in the play, that could took the blame, of the death of Romeo and Juliet, but could also be their own fault due to their actions. To start with, there were many characters that could be blamed for the death of Romeo and Juliet, but one of them is Friar Laurence. Friar Laurence was a Holy man that everyone respected and could trust. Friar was a man that coped with issues and also helped Romeo and Juliet be friends at the start. Friar Laurence also took part in the wedding of Romeo and Juliet, meaning he was part of the reason why he allowed those couples to marry each other. Friar Laurence was one of the main reason, for the cause of the death of Romeo and Juliet, as he allowed a Montague and a Capulet to marry each other. Friar Laurence basically kept the secret and let Romeo and Juliet be together. Friar Laurence took a big part of the blame, as he decided that he should make a potion to make Juliet look dead for 48 hours, and wake up after to be with Romeo again, as Lady Capulet is trying to get Romeo to marry Paris.
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