Friar Lawrence Is To Blame In Romeo And Juliet Essay

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The play, Romeo and Juliet, is a tragic love story written by William Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet are two young teenagers that are from two different households, the Capulets and Montagues. The two families have an ancient grudge against each other devastating Romeo and Juliet. Defying their families they fall in love and marry with the help of Friar lawrence. After many unfortunate events occur they end up killing themselves over each other’s deaths. They could not live without each other. Friar Lawrence and timing were most at fault for Romeo and Juliet’s death. Friar Lawrence is an old man that is neither on the Montagues or Capulets side. He makes some very bad choices that cause disruption to many people’s lives. Right before marrying…show more content…
He thinks that they are too young and they are not in love with each other, but merely in love with each others looks. He guesses that it will lead to a tragic end, but he marries them without telling the parents anyway in hopes to end the fued between the two families. This choice causes many dire situations including their death. After Romeo, Paris, and Juliet are found dead in the tomb, Friar lawrence confesses, “ Then I gave her ( so tortured by my art) a sleeping potion which so took effect as it intended” pg. 773. Friar Lawrence made a stravagant plan to keep Juliet from being forced to marry Paris. The plan is a huge risk though and very dangerous. Juliet is so desperate and in love with Romeo she does it without thinking. Friar could of helped Juliet in many different ways that would not of been so risky. One action Friar did is let the parents believe she was dead. Her parents, especially the nurse loved and took care of her, lying to them was a terrible decision. Instead, Friar could of told her parents the truth about romeo and Juliet. If lord and lady capulet knew the whole story maybe they would of understood and let Romeo and Juliet be together. Her parents most likely believed marriage…show more content…
Many of the story's events would of been different if people were at different places at different times. Lord Capulet sends a servant to deliver an invitation to a part he is holding” I pray sir, can you read?...My master is the great rich capulet and if you be not one of the house Montagues I pray come” pg 682-683. Capulet is going to throw a party to see if Juliet can love, and marry Paris. Capulet asks the servant to invite the guests. The servant cannot read and seeing Romeo and Benvolio on the streets, asks them for help. Romeo sees that Rosaline is on the list and persuaded by Mercutio and Benvolio attends the party. At the party he sees Juliet for the first time and both of them fall in love If the servant or Romeo was not there at that precise time none of the tragic events would of occurred and everyone would be still alive. Soon after Juliet wakes up she finds Romeo dead on the ground of the tomb. When she finally wakes up in her grief she says “ Haply some poison yet doth hang on them to make medic with a resistive. Thy lips are warm”..., yea nose? Then i'll be brief. O happy dagger. Pg.769-770. First Romeo comes into the tomb, thinking Juliet is actually dead, right before she is about to wake up . He cannot imagine a life without Juliet and kill himself. Soon after Juliet wakes up finding ROmeo newly dead. I was so close that he was still warm. Juliet heartbroken and desperate fallowing Romeo kills
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