Frida Kahlo : An Interesting Artist

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Frida Kahlo is an interesting artist to learn about. Not only about her deep, complex and surrealist style, but also how it came to be. Unlike other artists who paint from a single point of view; Kahlo is able to show multiple perceptions of what she was feeling or trying to express. How people are not one type of person, but can be multifaceted in their lifetime. Frida shows this in many of her paintings. You can see this especially in The Two Fridas and Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird.1 Since Kahlo’s art work is stylistically unique, people are curious to how she got to this style and how she came up with these concepts for her paintings. She was the wife of Diego Rivera, and and artist who was struggling to find her identity. Being married to Rivera her and her art was placed in his shadow. She was known as ‘Diego’s Wife’, not as the independent artist Frida Kahlo we know today. It wasn’t until their divorce in 1939 that her art starts to become more popular. During the divorce she created some of her most powerful works.2 Her self-portraits show her sadness, rage, and mask-like emotions during the divorce. Showing her inner turmoil, split identity, of who she was and who she had become. 3 She was the wife of Diego Rivera who shared her passion in the arts; She had become a divorcee from a poisonous relationship and dealing with painful injuries from an injured pelvis and multiple miscarriages.4 Painting became her only way of escape. These paintings

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