Frida Kahlo And The Broken Column

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These two women of surrealism and Freud’s era have some paintings that grasp my attention. One in particular by the great Frida Kahlo. The Broken Column represents the pain and suffering that Frida went through in her life and not just that but it’s representation of the thing all women go through which is some sort of pain and hurt in their lifetime. In this painting the nails are stuck into her face and whole body. A split in her torso which looks like an earthquake fissure. In the background is the earth with dark ravines. At the beginning she painted herself nude but later covered her lower part up with something looks like a hospital sheet. A broken column is put in place of her spine. The column appears to be on the verge of collapsing into rubble. Penetrating from loins to chin, the column looks phallic, and the sexual connotation is all the more obvious because of the beauty of Frida's breasts and torso. Although her whole body is supported by the corset, she is conveying a message of spiritual triumph. She has tears on her face but she looks straight ahead stating that she’s going to face the challenges that life has thrown at her. The other is the Pablo Picasso painting named Seated Woman in 1927 which was inspired by his mistress Marie Walter. This painting is an image of…show more content…
They are similar in the aspect of women going through situations that men put them through The Broken Column is a representation of a women scorned from a divorce she went through along with other things that hurt her. With Seated Woman it’s a representation of a woman living a double life with a married man whom she didn’t want to keep hiding their relationship but she felt she didn’t have any choice. Both pictures represent women scorned from or in situations with men or other people have done to them or put them in those
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