Frida Kahlo : Artist Of The Nineteenth Century

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Frida Kahlo was one of the most fascinating visual artists of the nineteenth century. Her art and life were filled with pain that was both emotional and physical which she expressed through her paintings. Frida was her art. Frida did not conform to most cultural norms or gender roles in her life time, she was a free spirit trapped in an invalid body. While she did not assume very much acclaim during her lifetime she did manage to be very well traveled even though she was born and died in the same home. She eventually developed a cult-like following in the nineteen-eighties and nineties. She has become a poster girl for modern feminism and a political force of her own time, through all of her physical pain and heartache she was able to…show more content…
887). Frida was not only talented but she was also very intelligent. In 1922 she was one of only thirty-five female students to attend the most prestigious preparatory school in Mexico, Escuela Nacional Preparatoria or The National Preparatory School. While Frida read in three different languages and aspired to be a doctor she was a spirited and rambunctious student who ran with a gang of troublesome boys who called themselves "Los Cachuchas". The gang pulled pranks and got into all sorts of trouble, at one point she and her friends even lead a donkey into one of the rooms while class was in session. (Kettenman p. 11-12). It was at this school where Frida first met her future husband and life-long companion, Diego Rivera. Diego Riviera was working on a piece at Escuela Nacional Preparatoria, where Frida was attending. He was commissioned by the government to work on a mural depicting Mexican culture and pride. Diego was a member of The Revolutionary Syndicate of Technical Workers, Painters and Sculptors. The organization, as the name implies was made up of technical workers, painters, and sculptors, the intention of the organization was to revitalize Mexican nationalism through the arts by displaying an authentic Mexican

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