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M.s 210 Britney Schpak Class: 894 February 2nd, 2014 In life art is not just a form of a hobby, but a passion. Art shows the emotion and inner expression of somebody with their goal as an artist. In the text Letters to a Young Artist by Anna Smith, Smith advises young artists to take everything from the world around them, and develop the eye, the ear, and the heart to create their art. Also, in the story “Zebra,” by Chaim Potok, the main character Adam Martin Zebrin, aka Zebra, encounters an injury and uses…show more content…
Now concluding that in the poem “I Want to Write” by Margaret Walker, art does imitate life and it shows how Walkers poem can express slavery through art to show the real emotions of the African Americans. Others may argue that art doesn’t always have to imitate life. However, this is not true due to the fact that no matter what kind of art you’re using, the art will always express the emotion of how the person who created it felt. At some point artist will go through life and create art based on a real emotion of theirs. That is why in Letters to a Young Artist by Anna Smith, explains how young artists need to develop the eye, the ear, and the heart to take in everything around them to use in their art. According to the text “Yes, as a painter you will need a hand, and as an actor I need a voice and a body - but before getting to those we need to develop the eye, the ear, the heart” (123). From this quote you see that the author wants the artist to forget about what they physically need to create the art, but to focus on developing the eye, the ear, and the heart to take everything in that our life has to offer. By doing this artists learn how to step outside of given situations to watch, to listen, and to feel, and to feel as others as much as to feel things about others. This allows artists to develop feeling from their lives as they develop as artists. Another quote from

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