Frida Kahlo Feminist Theory Essay

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The feminist theory has been most commonly found throughout literature, as writers express their deepest concerns and criticisms. However, the feminist theory can be found in other mediums: art, journalism, and music. Frida Kahlo is known for contributing to the feminist theory, having participated in joining the Communist Party in the 1920s, which was the second wave (Helland 397). What truly led Kahlo to become an icon of the feminism and feminist theory was her expression of herself. Kahlo painted many self portraits that revealed the pains that she celebrated, such as her physical disabilities and unhappiness in love, birth, and miscarriage (Helland 400). She also encompassed her political self as denoted by the hypocritical…show more content…
1,” “Grown Woman,” and “Run the World (Girls)” exhibit the “girl power”-inspired feminism that inspires young girls to not only empower themselves, but to look up to a role model (Weidhase). In performance, she had also stood in front of the word feminist during her song ***Flawless (Weidhase). By doing so, she showed her confidence and strength as not only a woman, but as a believer of feminist theory.
Margaret Atwood is a well known author, and she is especially venerated for her novel called The Handmaid’s Tale. The Handmaid’s Tale is both a critique and embodiment of the feminist theory, specifically of the second wave; her publishing in 1985 was influenced by this time period. In The Handmaid’s Tale, the Republic of Gilead when the women are oppressed is viewed as a dystopia, but before it was reorganized, women were viewed as a threat to men. Women in the Republic of Gilead only have one of six roles. They are either a Wife, Jezebel, Martha, Econowive, Daughter, Aunt, or Handmaid; if they are neither of these six roles, then they are exiled and viewed as “unwomen”. The men, on the other hand, possess high prestige as a Guardian, Angel, Commander, or Eye. Throughout her novel, she uses the actions of powerful women protesting and fighting back against a society that has become corrupt and oppressive for women. For example, the main character’s mother is loud and proud in her memories, having attended protests for abortion and

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