Frida Kahlo: Her Life And Art Revisited

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Frida Kahlo Her Life and Art Revisited.

According to this article focused on Frida’s life. She was born in 1907 in Coyoacan three years before the Mexican Revolution broke out. Her mother was Matilde Calderon, of mixed Spanish and Indian, and her father Guillermo Kahlo, a German-Jewish expatriate of Hungarian decent. On September 1925, Frida was in a near fatal bus accident. She sustained multiple fractures of the back, right leg and pelvis. Frida represent a host of contradictory qualities and behaviors: strength and resilience in the face of tragedy and continuous physical and psychic pains. Frida was also a strong political consciousness active in her daily life and painting (Barnet 243).

Life As Art/Art as Life: Dramatizing the Life
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