Frida Kahlo Research Paper

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The mexican revolution started in 1910, three years after Frida Kahlo was born. Frida is one of mexico's famous artist knowns for rebellious attitude and iconic self portraits, with 143 painting and 55 self portraits. Frida wasn't afraid to show her life story through her paintings.
Frida Kahlo, was born in July 6, 1907 in Mexico City, Mexico. Three years Before the Mexican Revolution started. In her diary Frida would always tell people that she was born in 1910 instead of 1907, she can have some correlation to the revolution.. Her father was a German Photographer who immigrated to Mexico and meet her Mother. Frida has two older sisters and one younger one. At the age of six she developed polio on her right leg. While she was recovering Frida spent a lot of time with her father. He taught her how to take photos, got her interested in painting and even taught her how to play sports to help herself recover. Sports that weren’t so common for girls at that time; soccer, roller skating, swimming, boxing and wrestling. To Frida her father was a great man who accepted her the way she was. He always encouraged her. On September 17, 1925 when she was 18 years old Frida was involved a car crash and injured her spin. While in bed rest Frida started painting to take up her time. Starting the beginning of her painting Career.
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Diego encouraged her to keep painting. A year later after Frida and Diego meet they got married. They were called “The Elephant and the Dove”. Frida was fascinated with Diego, their relationships isn't like any other relationships at the time. There was a lot of infidelity coming from both side, married twice and divorced once. Diego and Frida couldn't not live without one another. They would both put each other in their
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