Frida Kahlo: The History Behind Her Art

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The history behind her artwork is a representation of her life story, painting in each portrait that she would present to the public. Frida Kahlo was born in the Coyoacan, Mexico on July 6, 1907, as Magdalena Carmen Frida. She was born, of Guillermo Kahlo, and Matilde Calderon. Married the Artist Diego Rivera, on August 21, 1929, were they married in the historic town hall of Coyoacan. Her artwork were a form of telling her life in a way that people couldn’t understand with words but were able to view it in on the notion painted in a portrait. Frida Kahlo created about 140 painting and with the dozens of drawing and 55 self-portraits in which she often incorporated symbolic portrayals and psychological damages (Zamora, M. 1990). The talent of Frida Kahlo begun when she was very young started after she got involve in a car accident at age eighteen years old which it kept her bedridden for three months. The artist lived in constant pain due to the accident and scoliosis that started after age eleven, polio slightly crippled her living her with muscle paralysis and deformities in the right leg (Tibol, R.1993). She went into many surgeries, and which her right leg was amputated as the last result. Her surgeries were all in vain because the pain was never resolved. Frida Kahlo on July 13, 1954, at the age of forty-seven died. the causes of death were said to be probably an overdose of narcotics (Rummel, J 2000).…show more content…
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