Frida Kahlo: the Woman. the Artist.

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Frida Kahlo: The Woman. The Artist. Why did I choose Frida Kahlo for my research paper? I choose Ms. Kahlo because she is my favorite artist. I first learned of her in middle school and immediately fell in love with her work. It was very emotionally impacting. I have included many samples of her artwork. The things she saw and accomplished prompted the sensational works that spilled out of her brush. She had not wanted to follow in the imaginative strides of her photographic artist father and granddad. Yet, take a gander at the silver coating of the deplorability of her mischance. As opposed to turning into a specialist, she painted pictures that made individuals talk and examine. She is presently unmistakable worldwide for her one of a…show more content…
It depicts the once again nude Kahlo on a bloody hospital bed, crying and holding images of a baby and a pelvis. She went through over 30 surgeries to try to repair the damage and she was just left in more pain. She’d started to lose faith in medicine when she painted Tree of Hope (Figure 5) where a prone, assumed Frida lies cut up and bleeding on a gurney while another Frida in a traditional dress holds a back brace. These self-portraits were a way for her to process the pain she felt. “In Frida’s work oil paint mixes with the blood of her inner monologue.” (Tibol, 1993) They are disturbing images that invoke fear in the viewer. Her torment is so explicitly shown in her blood and exposure that might be felt so unequivocally by the viewer. She demands you feel it with her direct stare. Kahlo invoked such strong reactions to her work because they challenged traditional values with modern ideas, mixed with often violent and sexualized imagery. She used her art to bring attention to the mistreatment of women and to aid the feminist movement. A Few Small Nips (Figure 6) was painted after she read in the newspaper about a man who stabbed his cheating wife. Frida was herself a sexually promiscuous woman who’d had affairs with both men and women (Lindauer, 1999) so she would feel invested in how such women are viewed. She fought against the expectation of the meek female dressed up in lace and bows. She painted Self-Portrait with

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