Friday Night Lights

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Friday Night Lights Questions 1. For Brian Chavez, football does not play as large as a role in his life as it does for the other players. Chavez is very smart and works hard at school, therefore he plans to have a career from his education, not from football. Boobie Miles is relying on football as a career and does not perform in school, therefore football plays a very large role in his life as he is relying on football to make money as a career. The people of Odessa are similar to Boobie as they only care about football, not education. Football does not play a similar role in my community. Chavez will be much more prepared for life after football as he has a good education to fall back on, whereas Boobie has made his life revolve…show more content…
7. Bissinger’s descriptions of classroom activity reveal that the role of education was not important compared to football in Odessa. My school is not like that but I can imagine some of the bigger schools are. I agree with Bissinger’s statement because Odessa was just the same as a lot of other high schools in America. This didn’t make it a bad school, just a typical one. 8. Values mean different things to different people as they have differing beliefs and values. After this book was published, people’s values may have changed as they realized they have had the wrong values and priorities, and needed a change. 9. Odessa was very low class compared to Midland, which made Odessa even more passionate about beating Midland as it is like sticking it to the upper class. 10. The consequences of these people making their relationships expendables means they are pushing away and sacrificing the people that love them the most in order to obtain something they think they want/need, but overall has very low importance to their lives. 11. The kids salvation is similar as Trappers. They look to be heroes who are paraded atop the shoulders of the town as the previous team was. They also may look to be successful in football as a way to get out of Odessa. 12. There are double standards with the treatment of high school football players by fans, coaches, teachers, parents and school administrators, as they tend to look away if it is a
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