Friday Night Lights Should Be Banned In Public Schools

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The story Friday Night Lights takes place in a small town called Odessa, Texas in the year of 1988. After every year of football they hang a picture of each player who made All-State. This reminds the rest of them what glory looks like. Friday Night Lights gives a perspective of how every small town high schools are and is very popular for it, however it should be banned in our public schools because it contains profanity, racism terms, and sexually situations; the results of reading this book can cause more teenagers or even children to use offensive language, cause more racism than there already is, and be sexual at a young age. Despite that students now use profanity in their public schools and even more out of school, this could cause more children and teens to use the offensive language around their peers. As Jerrod McDougal states in the book, “I’ve got no idea what I want to do. I’ve got no idea what school I want to go to. My SAT won’t be worth shit. And no football schools want me,” (Bissinger 308). When McDougal says this, it represented the confusion of about 90 other football players. After every year Permian football is over; two teenage boys have the opportunity to have a shot for college football. However, the others just have the memories to look back on. Accordingly to TIME it states, “The researchers found that on an average teen novels contain 38 instances of profanity, which translates to nearly seven curse words per hour of reading,” (Sifferlin).

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