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Xochitl Pereira AP Art History Ms. Burgonia August 18, 2014 Wednesday in the Getty with Paul Cliché is often used as a pejorative term. Sometimes clichés can be the way a major breakthrough of understanding can occur. As I embark into the world of art, this cliché was a good thing. It was positive because as I studied paintings for the first time. I realized that as I was the beholder and the observer of the painting, I was responsible for making the effort of finding the beauty beyond a simple statement. The purpose of assignment was to observe and take note on pieces of art at a prominent museum. I was fortunate enough to visit the Museum of Modern art in New York City and I hoped to critique very famous paintings like Pollock 's drip paintings and The Persistence of Memory. However, it was a Saturday afternoon in the middle of July in New York City. I wasn 't afforded the luxury of being able to observe famous paintings such as those without a large crowd forming around it. In order to complete my assignment I went to the Getty. I found that finding a painting to study was harder than it seemed. I made a return trip to the Getty after brushing up on Art and Physics. The Getty is home to a variety of artwork dating as far back as the 1300s. I focused on art that was featured in different galleries of the museum including Italian Renaissance era and early Christian work. The paintings that I finally decided to write about were The Portal of Rouen Cathedral in Morning

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