Friday 's With Morrie By Mitch Albom

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Tuesday’s with Morrie by Mitch Albom is a wonderful book that focuses on the struggle life and how to lead through them. Morrie, once a lively professor at Brandeis University, now suffers from ALS. This incurable disease begins to suck the ability to do the things he loves, and soon confines him to the quiet rooms of his house. Mitch, a favorite student of his, comes back upon hearing the news and the two continue to discuss the true meanings of life and how to effectively uphold one’s character. Although Mitch had fallen far from the man he once was while under the compassionate influence of his professor, with time he begins to assess himself and take Morrie’s words to heart, even recording them in hopes of distributing hope and wisdom others.

Through class lessons and the book Leadership by Andrew DuBrin, I have found lessons and techniques that were applied within Tuesday’s with Morrie. Each position holds characteristics that were applicable to one or more characters that were with Morrie in his last days. The leadership roles, personality traits, charisma, transformation, and behaviors were more evident as Morrie’s health began to decline. In hard times, Morrie made it his mission to reach other’s with the knowledge of leadership that he had, ion hopes of making the world a little bit brighter. While some acts of leadership described were not as positive, such as the leadership of Morrie’s father Charlie, most were positively influencing others and assisting in…
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