Fried Chicken Monologue

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After the huge epidemic that went on, Billy got a promotion. He got to become a full time doctor but he had to leave the city. He agreed, so Billy packed his bags and took a plane to San Francisco. When he got there he felt very vulnerable to the people around him because he did not know how the people acted there. When he got to his new house he fell asleep. The next day he did some research and he found out that Fried chicken was a delicacy in San Francisco. That day was his first day at the new hospital he was working at in San Francisco. It was a long day and when he got off work he went to go try some fried chicken. When he took his first bite he was amazed by wonderful flavors in the chicken and then he devoured it. After he was done eating he…show more content…
Billy then said that Jack you have a very low derogatory about this dangerous infection. Billy then told Jack this infection is slaughtering people. Jack giggle a little. Billy asked why did you giggle. Jack said because I created the poisonous gas. Billy gasped and asked why he was being so authentic. Jack then said because I already infected you with the poisonous gas and you are going to start feeling the affects of it in about 10 minutes. Jack then walked out of the room and told Billy that he was quite astute. Billy felt very Ungainly but he needed to make that cure or else he would be a casualty of the infection. Billy finished the cure in a nick of time and he injected himself with the cure. He was feeling much better and got his strength back. After he turned the injection into a gas so he could spread the cure to people faster. He then released the gas into the air and everyone who was infected became better again. Billy was a hero and he told the police let the gas out and then they caught Jack in one week. Billy was the hero and everyone appreciated him and was glad to have him in the city. Billy was very successful in his life and he became a part of
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