Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe Summary

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For this summer reading, I chose to read Fried Green Tomatoes at The Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flag. The book is set in Alabama; it is mostly set in the early 1900s to the late 1980s. While in the early 1920s, this was the time of the Great Depression, a time where poverty and racism were well known. The story is told in both present, from the 1920’s - 1940’s, when the events were occurring, and past tense, when Ninny Threadgoode retold the events to Evelyn Couch, in the 1980’s. Fried Green Tomatoes at The Whistle Stop Cafe begins with “The Weems Weekly” introducing the opening of the cafe ran by Ruth Jamison and Idgie Threadgoode. Then, Ninny Threadgoode and Evelyn Couch meet in the visitors lounge in a nursing home. Mrs. Threadgoode…show more content…
Frank Bennett tried to steal the baby from her house, one of the colored employees, Sipsey, kills him with a frying pan. Sipsey’s son, Big George, disposes of the body in that week’s barbecue. He fed that to the detectives who performed the murder investigation. Years after the crime, Idgie is arrested, she refuses to blame Big George or Sispy. Idgie risks going to jail by lying to give them alibis. When Ruth died of cancer in 1947, Idgie’s story comes to a close but at the end it is hinted that she is still alive. Meanwhile, Ninny Threadgoode retells the adventures to Evelyn. Evelyn is an overweight, depressed woman, who visits her weekly. Throughout Mrs. Threadgoode’s stories, Evelyn goes through a huge transformation, a deep friendship begins between the two women. A part of Evelyn’s transformation is she goes from a suicidal overeater to a successful businesswoman selling Mary Kay. At the end of the novel, Evelyn signed up in a summer-long fitness camp for women. There, she is happily losing weight and making friends when she hears that Mrs. Threadgoode has died. Evelyn visits Mrs. Threadgoode’s grave and the rest of her family. She tells Mrs. Threadgoode everything that has been happening is good and she's finally happy…show more content…
But like always there will be those who are immune to your poison”. The meaning behind it, is it is about bullying. Instead of just saying bullying, I made it into a metaphor by calling it a plague. The bully always looking for a victim but there are always some that ignore them, and in this case, being immune to them. My second quote is, “Trapped in my own personal hell, screaming for help, trapped in my body. No one ever noticed, never gave a second glance. As you watched, I sobbed in the night. ‘fighter’, they say. ‘Poor little girl’, all words never action”. The meaning behind this has 2 meanings, the first is a medical condition called Locked in Syndrome. This is a condition resulting from a stroke that damages part of the brainstem. With that, the body and most facial muscles are paralyzed but consciousness remains and the ability to perform some eye movements. It practically is a personal hell with awareness of what is happening in your environment. The second meaning ties with the first, that on the outside someone pretends that they’re ok. When in reality they are not, no one notices that it’s a charade that they put up. I mixed both of them to create a mood of loneliness and wanting someone to notice they are not

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