Friedman Assessment

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Friedman Family Assessment
William Harrison
July 16, 2012
Kimberly Hall

Friedman Family Assessment
Identifying Data • The Family name is Costa • They reside in Apple Valley CA. • The family consists of the mother and two children. The mother is forty-five years old, the son is 20, and the daughter is 18. • The family is polygamous • All members of the family identify as White • The mother and daughter attend a non-denominational church on a regular basis. The son does not identify with any religion. However, he states that he does believe in God. • The family is living is living at the poverty level. The mother is working full-time but only making slightly more than minimum wage.
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She is grieving in anticipation to her children leaving the house. • The children remain close with their father and his side of the family. They interact with his parents on a regular basis. Both children appear to have healthy friendships with people there own age.
Family Structure
Communication Patterns • The mother and son have very limited communication. They express feeling through playing around instead of verbally. Their communication is very shallow. There rarely discuss anything of much value. The son tends to talk about issues more with his father. • The mother and daughter have a very open line of communication. They talk throughout the day via text messages and talk in person during the evening. The mother tends to be over protective of the daughter and realizes this. This is one of the reasons she gives for joining CODA. • The son does not express his feelings to his mother. According to the mother he has always had difficulty expressing feelings. • The family experiences dysfunctional communication in that, they try to live as roommates rather than mother and children. The home structure allows for communication that is more in line with friends. • Communication does appear to open between family members. The children will, when confronted, openly discuss issues of concern with mother.
Power Structure • The mother makes the financial decisions within the
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