Friedman Family Assessement

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How is the family meeting affective, socialization, reproductive, economic and health care functions (See Chapters 14, 15 and 16 for more detail explanations of functions)? Identify the developmental stage of this family; what are the developmental tasks this family must achieve during this stage? What do you believe is their present ability to achieve these tasks? (See Chapter 5). What are the short and long-term stressors impinging on this family? What strengths counterbalance these stressors? How is the family reacting to these stressors (identify functional and dysfunctional coping strategies)? Formulate one nursing diagnoses for this family. If there is not enough data in the case study to assess the above, what…show more content…
As understandable as it may be, his work schedule, there needs to be a balance between work schedule and family time, quality time. This directly ties to the second question of constructive family socialization. To me it is not enough to take the family out to eat when the time allows it and not have this type of socialization. Nowhere in the study was this mentioned. It seems as if both John and Julia try to distract from the work routine and spend some time with their children, which are a good thing, but there is no constructiveness in addressing possible changes that could benefit the family better itself. For example, John being the one out of the home the most can be discussing a possible job change or decreasing the amount of time he is out to be there more for his children and wife. This is what betters a family in my opinion even though it is difficult habit to adapt to it is totally worth trying. Economic functions The Smith’s economic status is not in bad shape as I like to call it but can most definitely improve. With a combined salary of $70,000, with John’s inheritance, and the way they live, it seems that they have become content with their lives. However, we have Jackie and Jorge, Julie’s sister and brother in law to compare, who are doing very well economically. This shows all of us that there are not only human capabilities we all possess but opportunities that if taken well the rewards can be

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