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Friedman Family Assessment According to Stanhope and Lancaster (2008) “Each family is an unexplained mystery, unique in the ways it meets the needs of its members and society” (p. 550). Family nursing is a special field that involves the nurse and family working together to achieve progress for the family and its members in adjusting to transitions and responding to health and illness. The Friedman Family Assessment Model serves as a guide in family nursing to identify the developmental stage of the family, environmental data, family structure, composition, and functions as well as how the family manages stress and their coping mechanisms. From this data, three nursing diagnoses with interventions are developed. Developmental Stage…show more content…
Dad lost his mother 12 years ago and his father is remarried. Environmental Data Characteristics of the home: main level living with a dining area, kitchen, family room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. The home has an unfinished basement that Dad has been slowly remodeling for the past five years. The neighborhood is a vast wooded area with few homes. The family’s geographic mobility consists of the upper northwest part of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where Mom’s family resides. The family is associated with the Lutheran church and transacts with community members at the church, local grocery store, and restaurants. The family’s social support network consists of their family and close friends. Family Structure Communicational patterns are strong within the family communicating, interacting, and listening to each other. Mom and Dad have open communication between them and with the children. No dysfunctional communication observed. The decision-making process is between Mom and Dad. The role structure is as equal as can be; Mom works full time and has two part time jobs because Dad is unemployed so Dad has a larger care-giving role. Family values are based upon strong Christian faith. Family attends church every week and children are enrolled in private religious school. Prayer is said before each meal and at bedtime. The family shares a strong religious core with tradition, values, and beliefs. Composition Dad is a

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