Friedrich Nietzsche, The German Philosopher

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Tia Holenstein Professor Tevanyan RS 100 20 October 2015 Nietzsche and Agnosticism I chose to conduct my research on Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher. One of the main reasons I decided on him, is because of my personal beliefs. I am agnostic and Nietzsche’s philosophy has an atheistic view on religion, which I resonate with. Nietzsche was born in a small village in Germany on October 15th 1844. He often spoke of an idea called “life-affirmation”, which basically means questioning everything honestly. He is one of the most famous philosophers and he had an interesting look at philosophy. He believed philosophy was not “a critique of words by means of other words” (untimely meditations) but it is a practical way to help your self grow, overcome and become a greater person. By doing this one would be able to affirm life no matter what tragedies you are faced with, “There are heights of the soul from which even tragedy ceases to look tragic” (Beyond Good and Evil). He considered himself to be a teacher to these great individuals or the higher man – his target audience. Inside the higher man there are different instincts/drives that are forever battling making them a chaotic being. This results in suffering and possible self- destruction. To reach life-affirmation one must take hold of this chaos inside of them. Because that isn’t an easy thing to do, a person might give in to a “Herd Instinct”. The Herd instinct exists in everyone and is easy to fall into. It is
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