Friedrich Nietzsche 's Philosophy And Ethics

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The Antichrist Samuel Edwards Central Christian College May 6, 2016 Abstract: Friedrich Nietzsche devoted his life to the study of philosophy and ethics. In particular to topics regarding Christianity and Atheism. A majority of his writings are against Christianity and The Antichrist is no different. The following paper will look into what Nietzsche wrote in The Antichrist and explore the ethical principles that he proposes and dismisses in this writing. The Antichrist is a collection of Friedrich Nietzsche writings that were put together by his niece shortly after his death. She wrote an opening preface before his collection of writings that explain her desire for publishing the writings and defending his standpoint. In her opening statements, which were approximately 20% of the entire book, she made some claims about Nietzsche, his writings, and his beliefs. She states that Nietzsche “…intended to attack Christianity headlong and with all arms…” and that “All his wrath… was reserved for “St. Paul and his like,” who perverted the Beatitudes which Christ intended for the lowly only.” Despite saying this Nietzsche staid that he never set out to destroy Christianity all together, so that the lowly and unintelligent would still have an outlet. But to destroy Christianity for the intellectuals and the scholars. Oddly enough he set out to “…make Paul the villain, and Jesus a bystander.” ( After the introduction by his niece a collection of 62 essays are arranged
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