Friedrich Nietzsche's Arguments Against Animal Testing

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“Man is the cruelest animal.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche (“Quotes About Animals”). In the search for advancements in medicine, mankind has completely forgotten the values of caring and loving to all creatures. This is because humans force other animals to undergo the grueling process of testing medicines. Although animals provide a medium for medical testing, the fact that the process and results are unreliable and dangerous, ultimately make animal testing a waste of resources. Medical companies need to verify that their products work prior to releasing them to the public, so they give these products to animals. Since the 20th century, animals have been the top choice to test new medical advances, and this means that all major advancements involved animal testing. It was testing done on chimpanzees that led to the cure of Hepatitis B, and they are being used for testing for the Hepatitis C medicine (“Animal Testing.”). These diseases affect tens of thousands of Americans every year, so the testing…show more content…
In fact, 95 percent of all medicine that is successful on animals, fail to meet the requirements needed to take them to the market on humans (“Arguments Against Animal Testing.”). These animals have very different biology than humans, and this causes medicines to function completely differently on humans versus other animals. Consequently, medicine that does not work on humans has no use to mankind as it fails to prevent or cure diseases. Furthermore, it is estimated that only nineteen percent of side-effects can even be detected by testing on animals (“Arguments Against Animal Testing.”). This means certain drugs will be sold to the public with potentially life-threatening problems, because animals are unable to detect even a quarter of such issues. On the other hand, a computer model that understands the biology of a human can better represent the body of the user, and therefore cause less issues with
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