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A friend that became family In this essay, I will be talking about a good friend of mine in which throughout the years has become like a brother to me. His name is David I. Gutierrez but usually goes by “Tiko” to his family and close friends. He has impacted my life in various ways and forms that is why I have chosen to write this essay about him. Now it all started off when we meet in 2nd grade. We were attending John F. Kennedy elementary school. At first, we wouldn’t really interact or talk with each other but that all changed very quickly. After the first couple of weeks we were hanging out during recess and sitting with each other during lunch. As we progressed through elementary we became better and better friends. The teachers would separate us during class because we would talk too much and because we were what they call “disruptive”. Nine years later nothing has changed besides the fact that we are juniors in high school now. Me and David have done many dangerous and crazy things. That is why I say he has impacted my life in various ways. One of the most dangerous things we have done involves pepper spray (OC17). We were at a place in Pharr called “Grand China Buffet” we ate and everything but when we got to the car that’s when things got wild. There was six of us and me and my friend had gotten into David’s Durango and that’s where things went down south. Me and my friend Elias were in the back and then David sprays the pepper spray and closes the doors to

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