Friendly Financial Case Study

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Assessment #3:
Recruiting, Selection, and Retention Part 1: 1) Develop a recruiting strategy for this job position.
The recruiting strategy that I would use for Friendly Financial Works would be utilizing Private Employment Agencies. There are several reasons that utilizing this strategy would be the most beneficial for this company. Friendly Financial has an extremely high turnover rate, so it is obvious that they spend a lot of time recruiting and hiring new employees. By allowing an agency to take the lead in this process, Friendly Financial can focus more on their business and on employee retention practices. Many successful companies use private employment agencies for this reason. Recruiting is the agencies core
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Interviewing sales staff is an excellent opportunity to see how good they are at selling. If they are unable to sell their own abilities to us, then it is unlikely they will be able to sell our services confidently to our customers. When considering the personal qualities that make a good salesperson, we will look for: * resilience - someone who bounces back from rejection * urgency - a competitive character who wants to get on with things * persuasiveness - someone who wants to bring people round to their point of view * assertiveness - a person who makes their point firmly but without aggression * sociability - someone who 's friendly and bonds well with others * enthusiasm - someone who really wants to sell your products * self-motivation - someone with the initiative, drive and ambition to find and close deals for you
The interview will also ask questions to give insight ask about how many sales have they made for a previous employer, how they helped develop the business, and how they targeted potential customers and win sales from them. 2) Use at least 2 different selection methods.
Although there are many selection methods, the two that would be most appropriate for Friendly Financial would be selection testing and information gathering. The
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