Friends or Enemies

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No one spoke, or if they did, I certainly wasn't listening. I mulled over everything I had thought about him. The way we spoke with each other. How I felt when I was with him. Everything pointed back to one answer, but it only made me depressed.

I really liked Ciel.

"Alice?" someone asked. I snapped out of my daze. I'd know that voice anywhere.

I turned in my chair and smiled, "Ciel!" I got up and hugged him tightly. He seemed a bit awkward about it, but wrapped his arms around me.

When I pulled away, I was full of concern, "Are you okay? Did you get hurt? I'm so sorry, Ciel! I… I didn't know how to help you."

"It's fine. We're back together now, right? That's what matters," he said. I nodded in agreement. I was a little surprised he was brushing it off so easily. With anyone else, he would have chewed them out for it. I was grateful for the reaction, of course, but considering the recent revelation, my thoughts drifted to reasons of the change.

"There is no more room," March Hare told Ciel.

"Yes, no more room at all," Hatter joked. He gave me a knowing smile. He knew that I had figured it out. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have hugged Ciel. I averted my eyes, angry for him being right at all. He had just made things a zillion times harder because of pointing out that little fact. I really hadn't needed it.

"Come, don't say that. Have a seat," Dormouse talked in his sleep.

"I haven't said anything, yet," Ciel pointed out.…
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